Favorite Color

Lots of people have a favorite color, one they are especially drawn to, are more likely to buy  clothing or other items in. The color that I cannot get enough of is  less typical. Its not a single color but a constant mixture of colors. It is the color of water–especially at sunset.
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Gili Air, Indonesia

Imagine a flat, green island ringed by white sand beaches with views of blue mountains across the water. A warm, clear sea laps quietly at the sand, its color ever changing from aquamarine to deep turquoise with the light. Beneath the waters lay outcrops of sea grass waving gently in the shallows, and mounding stoney corals swarming with vividly colored fish. Narrow walking paths criss-cross the island and intersect with a circular one that outlines the circumference and takes a mere 90 minutes to walk at a leisurely pace. Most everyone walks. The only ‘vehicles’ are carts painted bright blue and pulled by small horses.

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