DSC05192 - Version 2I could not have asked for a better day to celebrate turning 26. I received the best birthday present I could have asked for: Duct Tape. The fiber optic cable connector for my strobe arrived faulty so I have been unable to use the brand new strobe I got for the trip. Over delicious cinnamon ice coffee and a banana pancake, I was able to jerry rig the fiber optic cable to the camera housing with duct tape.

DSC05251 We went on two beautiful dives, no current and a working camera. The quality of photos I am able to take with the strobe is on a level so much higher than I ever thought I’d be able to muster. Those that know me understand what a great birthday gift this was. I love taking pictures and I love being underwater.




IMG_6973 copy IMG_6987 We spent the afternoon exploring the island some. We had a drink at the top of the hill overlooking Jungutbatu, the beach, the mangroves and Bali in the distance, its volcano rising high on the horizon. The tide dropped so low it left the seaweed plots sitting on the sand in places. We walked out amongst the local farmers and checked out the way they have the seaweed growing.



IMG_7271 - Version 2



IMG_7103 IMG_7044The sunset was spectacular. I have always enjoyed watching the sky turn different colors as the sun leaves for the day. Dave’s favorite color is red, bright and deep as it gets. Mine is the color of water during sunset.

We ate at a fancy restaurant on the beach. Prices were lower than where we usually eat in California and the food was unreal, some of the best food I have ever had the privilege of eating.



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