Most people think of climate change in terms of warmer average global temperature, melting glaciers and more extreme storms. But what about the oceans? Carbon polluted into the atmosphere also enters the oceans and is making them more acidic. Heating is also occurring in the oceans which can stress organisms and cause them to shift their distribution patters. Heating has another effect: deoxygenation. To find our more watch the deoxygenation video that I put together with friends and colleagues to shine a little light on the issue. 

Funding for this was made possible by Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego and the National Science Foundation. This video was filmed at COP20, the UN Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru as part of the education outreach efforts of the group Ocean Scientists for Informed Policy, a collaboration of graduate students and alumni from Scripps Institution of Oceanography who are working to integrate ocean science into climate policy.


  1. Great video, I look forward to learning more about what is going on at the summit in Lima. Also if you can get me a tee shirt with a fish wearing a gas mask that would be awesome 🙂 Hugs, have fun.


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