I began this type of writing with lengthy emails home documenting my travels. That evolved into a personal blog that included photographs with the long, often unedited verbiage of my adventures; an illustration for friends and family. I found that the readership expanded outside of my friends and family and was being read by people across the world. This both shocked and inspired me. The work published here continues to evolve to meet the enlarged audience and with it comes a broader mission. Through my writing I hope to shine light on beautiful places, inspire a desire to travel and connect with nature, and educate you about these places by highlighting interesting ecology, biology, geology and history. I will also be posting about issues that are closer to home–gardening triumphs and failures, ideas about greening your thumbs and your footprints.

The writing featured in the Blog section has a more personal nature than the writing featured in the Travel Stories and Science sections.

I encourage your questions and comments. Thank you and Happy Trails

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