Almost without fail when I tell people, “I am an marine biologist” they reply “I wanted to be a marine biologist when I (was a kid, was in college etc).” We have this inherent interest in our natural world and how it works. Through my writing I try to capitalize on this natural fascination and educate the reader by weaving natural history into my stories.

I currently write for Explorations Now, the monthly magazine of Scripps Institution of Oceanography. I am also teaching for UC Extension and working as a freelance journalist. In the coming months I am beginning a series of travel stories that focus on field biology. The pieces will take the reader into the field with real scientists and describe the adventure that occurs behind the research, as well as the results and implications of the science. I am also starting to plan a travel book that focuses on environmental successes around the United States.

I have always held a fascination with how things work, particularly how things in nature work. As a child my favorite question was “Why?” My parents, bless them, always tried to give me an answer–even after the 10th “why?” I think they kept answering because I genuinely wanted to know and would listen and consider each answer.

This curiosity and fascination with nature naturally lead me to science and to biology, the forefront of discovering the “whys” of the natural world. I have a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology. Everywhere I go, I am quizzically examining the ecology in the area, constantly learning about new systems and animals. I am particularly interested in how better understanding of ecological systems and their balances can help us improve conservation and management efforts. Personally I am also fascinated by animal behavior, especially elaborate mating systems and rituals.







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