Africa was a much-anticipated continent. From her vast northern deserts, to the tropical jungles of her heartland, to the vast savannah flanking her side and the Mediterranean nature of her southern coast—I wanted to walk through all her lands and see the vast array of mega-fauna she supported[1]. Our journey was beautiful, culturally rich, full or adventure and rich with wildlife. I highly recommend seeing Africa to anyone who likes to get out of their front door.

You can read about my travels in Africa by clicking here

IMG_1009 copyIMG_9693sIMG_9132s[1] Africa is the last continent to support large populations of diverse mega-fauna. The mega-fauna of Australia were mostly hunted to extinction by aboriginal peoples. The majority of mega-fauna in the Americans died off after the continents joined—animals made their way into each continent and co-existed until environmental stresses decreased resources for everyone and the vast majority of the species went extinct. The evidence of their presence can still be seen in the tropical forests where certain trees bare enormous fruits designed eaten by large animals that would poop the seeds out in a pile of fertilizer.


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