Drive The drive from Cape Town to Wilderness took us through beautiful countryside that resembled a cross between California’s 101 and red rock country; wine lands and red mountains. We stopped along the coast for Dave to surf a picturesque right point break called Mossel Bay.


IMG_8293 Wilderness is a quaint seaside village tucked between forested mountains and a long thick beach. A national park stretches up the mountainside from town. We went for a wonderful hike along a river up to two waterfalls. The vegetation from a far looked so much like home, but on a closer look was obviously foreign.



IMG_8358 In the afternoon Dave scored some good waves at Victoria Bay. I walked around the small beach, took some pictures and entertained myself watching this adorable little bird catch insects in the cliff vegetation and in between the rocks.


  1. So fun!! Looks like a great wave at Victoria Bay! From warm water into a full suit and booties.. let the adventure continue…


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