Lots of people have a favorite color, one they are especially drawn to, are more likely to buy  clothing or other items in. The color that I cannot get enough of is  less typical. Its not a single color but a constant mixture of colors. It is the color of water–especially at sunset.

IMG_9905IMG_9968 copy
So that's where that hook ended up!

So that’s where that hook ended up! Fishermen often lose their hooks to vegetation (both above and below the surface of the water). While watching the sunset I stood by a tree that I retrieved four fishing hooks out of.

I got into Silver Lake in the evening and found a campsite. Ever since I left the Trinities and came back south, closer to big towns and cities, I’ve paid more for campsites and lost the luxury of having a campground to myself. But the people are friendly and I enjoy seeing others enjoying being outside, taking advantage of the incredible natural places in our country.
Silver Lake lies along HWY 88 south of Lake Tahoe and with the setting of the sun last night its waters turned from blue to gold and black to pink and finally to a dark, settling purple. 
   The progression of color…IMG_9949


  1. What a great series of photos. You just have to get out into nature to see stuff like that. thanks for sharing


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